Сферы деятельности

Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет

Я хочу тут работать


Gyril AS is a full-services IT sourcing company. We give our clients access to the right IT resources from both Norway and abroad. We provide sourcing services like dedicated teams, project teams and consultants in Norway. We can often combine one or more Norwegian consultants with dedicated nearshoring team from abroad. Our employees have formed their own order, Gyril Jedi. A noble order of IT professionals who are united by their ability to tap into the power of the Force(IT) and create even more power in the systems they touch. Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, most of our Jedi have studied, trained and built their skills at impressive IT temples in Norway and Ukraine, where they have also attracted to them huge forces from the IT universe. 

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